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Pestimrei Hópihék Ella "Szandra",
Bichon Havanese Female

We never forget, In memory Bichon Havanese

Saying goodbye to our Dear Old Dogs
Your little tail stopped wagging.
I no longer call your name.
I keep your memory in my heart
and there it will remain ...
Life is quiet without you.
You were more than just a pet
You were a family member, a friend
I'll never forget...

Pestimrei Hópihék Ella
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Pestimrei Hópihék Ella "Szandra",

Black and White havanese female,
Birthday: January 12. 2000.
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Pestimrei Hópihék Ella, but my owners call me Szandra.

I was the first havanese female of my owners.
My birthday is: January 12. 2000.
My horoscope: Capricorn.
My breed is Bichon Havanese
My sex: female
My mom: Nikki Arnold
My dad: Boris
Weight is 7 kg, and height is 28 cm.

My colour is black and white, with very beautiful and symmetrical patterns. My coat is rich and the floor-length. I have a strong bones. I have a beautiful proportional body type. Nice black pigmentation. I have a correct bite. My owners proud of me. I'm very kindly and friendly. I like playing and walking. I adore the dog shows. I very love to eat. I am a chocolate gene carrier.
I was only baby when they took me to dog show.

I have a lot of good results. You can see the Results: view
My medical examinations also see the examination's chapter: view
My pedigree, please, see the pedigree chapter: view
You can also see images of me in the pictures chapter: view

My little secret, I can share with you:
Long - long time ago,... My owner was visiting friends with me,... and we was in the garden,... and I went in the house alone,...
in the kitchen,... and I jumped up the table,... and I ate a lot of food from laid on the table,... I was very happy,...
I had a nice day ... and I ate a wonderful lunch.
Of course, my owner was very angry. I very love to eat. This is my little secret.

Results, Pestimrei Hópihék Ella, "Szandra" black and white havanese female

May 21. 2000. Pilis, nagyon igéretes 1. Gantner Judit
June 03. 2000. Dunapataj, nagyon igéretes 1. Görbe Benjamin
June 03. 2000. Dunapataj, BIS 3.
June 24. 2000. Bp., nagyon igéretes 1. Dr. Pozsonyi Anikó
June 24. 2000. Budapest, BIS 1.
August 13. 2000. Budapest, nagyon igéretes 1. Görbe Benjamin
August 13. 2000. Budapest, BIS 3.
September 10. 2000. Bp., n. ig. 1. Duchajné, Orosz Valéria
September 30. 2000. Kerekegyháza, n. ig. 1. Görbe Benjamin
September 30. 2000. Kerekegyháza, BIS 1.
March 17. 2001. Budapest, HPJ, Dr. Pozsonyi Anikó
March 24. 2001. Review breed, Dr. Pozsonyi Anikó
April 07. 2001. Budapest, HPJ, Gantner Judit
April 15. 2001. Szilvásvárad, HPJ, Petik Zsuzsanna
April 30. 2001. Budapest, HPJ, Görbe Benjamin
June 23. 2001. Budapest, HPJ, Kaló Mária
Hungária Junior Champion, MKSZ
July 28. 2001. Székesfehérvár, CAC, Kaló Mária
September 09. 2001. Budapest, CAC, Dr. Pozsonyi Anikó
October 14. 2001. Budapest, CAC, Görbe Benjamin
October 14. 2001. Budapest, MKSZ Derby Győztes
November 17. 2001. Budapest, CAC, HFGY, Csík István
November 17. 2001. Budapest, Derby Győztes
Derby Dog Of The Year 2001.
Junior Female Of The Year 2001.
September 08. 2002. Budapest, CAC, Dr. Pozsonyi Anikó
September 29. 2002. Szentendre, CAC, Bedrich Mészáros
Hungária Champion, MKSZ
April 01. 2006. Kanjiza, PASA CAC, ODLICAN,
PRVAK RASE, Evica Misic

Examination, Pestimrei Hópihék Ella, "Szandra" black and white havanese female

Patellar Luxation Certificate:

Thigh muscles: Well muscled
Patella: Not luxatable
A tuberositas tibiae: In midline
With regard to patellar luxatioin,
the dog is classified: Grade 0, (free)

Magyar Állatorvosi Kamara
2006-04-15.     Dr. Ipolyi Tamás állatorvos
Eyes Test Certificate:

Palpebral fissures symetrical and normal size,
no abnormality in position of eyelids,
corneas fluorescein-negative.
Tear duct patent, eyes covered by appropriate amount of tear film.

Magyar Állatorvosi Kamara
2006-04-13.     Dr. Ipolyi Tamás állatorvos

Pedigree, Pestimrei Hópihék Ella, "Szandra" black and white havanese female


3.   Több Kiáll. Gy.
7. FILKA 15. Norrik
16. Linda
8. PUSINKA 17. Fesztiek
18. Knopocska
9. MAKSZIK 19. Mikki
20. Lada NA346
10. DZSEMA 21. Gradinka
22. Lada NA477

11. NORIK 23. Lajt
24. Nikki
12. AJKA 25. Elvis
26. Katie
13. DZSIN 27. Zsan
28. Zsaklin
14. INNET 29. Billi
30. Inga



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