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Happy Paws Choco Boy,
chocolate male

Happy Paws Choco Boy
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Chocolate Havanese Male
Birthday: October. 12. 2019.
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Happy Paws Choco Boy,
My nickname: Choco Boy.
I am from USA/Happy Paws kennel

My birthday is: Octoberber 12. 2019.
My horoscope: Libra
My breed is Bichon Havanese
My sex: male
My mom: Happy Paws' Spiced Rum,
(Live in USA/Happy Paws kennel)
My dad: CH Happy Paws' My Hearth is in Havana
(Champion dog, Live in USA/Happy Paws kennel)
My weight is 6,1 kg and height is 28 cm.
My color is Chocolate. My coat is very nice long silky soft fur . Chocolate colored with white pattern. My body type is beautiful proportional. Strong bones. Brown pigmentation according to the standard, because I am chocolate colored. My teeth and bite is perfect. I love run with my dog friends. I am a very friendly and playful. I am the fourth havanese male of my owner.

I have a lot of good results. You can see the Results: view
My medical examinations also see the examination's chapter: view
My pedigree, please, see the pedigree chapter: view
You can also see images of me in the pictures chapter: view


Results, Happy Paws Choco Boy, Chocolate havanese male

October 17. 2020. Breeding Certificate,
Result: Breeding Quality, Judge: Ferenc Gröschl

Examination, Happy Paws Choco Boy, Chocolate havanese male

Patellar Luxation Certificate:

Thigh muscles: Well muscled,
Patella: Not luxatable,
A tuberositas tibiae: In midline,
With regard to patellar luxatioin,
the dog is classified as: Grade 0, (free)

Kisállat Ortopédiai Egyesület
October 12. 2020. Dr. Tamás Bőr (vet)

Pedigree, Happy Paws Choco Boy, Chocolate havanese male

1. Male
CH Happy Paw's My Heart is in Havana
3. CH Midnight Magic Argostino 7. Felipo De La Fierte De La Largue
8. Pillowtalk's Coeur De Mon Coeur
4. GCH CH Happy Paw's Chocolate & Lace 9. CH Laurelgate's Inferno
10. Revistio's A Pirates's Life for Me
2. Female
Happy Paw's Spiced Rum
5. Le Beau Coeur Amigo Del Hombre 11. Hizig Amigo Del Hombre
12. Oshun D'Els Peluts
6. Ch Happy Paw's Old Fashioned 13. CH Midnight Magic Argostino
14. Revistio's A Pirate's Life For Me

Pictures, Happy Paws Choco Boy, Chocolate havanese male


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