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Prairiwind's Brandy Boy,
very dark chocolate male

Prairiwind's Brandy Boy
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Very Dark Chocolate Havanese Male
Birthday: September. 10. 2014.
Let me introduce myself...
My name is Prairiwind's Brandy Boy,
My nickname: Brandy.
I am from USA/Prairiwind's kennel

My birthday is: September 10. 2014.
My horoscope: Virgo
My breed is Bichon Havanese
My sex: male
My mom: CH Prairiwind's Hershe Kisses,
(Chocolate parti female live in USA/Prairiwind's kennel)
My dad: Prairiwind's Lionheart, Champion dog
(Black brindle male, live in USA/Prairiwind's kennel)
My weight is 5,5 kg and height is 26 cm.
My color is Dark Chocolate Parti. My coat is very nice long silky soft fur . Dark chocolate colored with white pattern. My body type is beautiful proportional. Strong bones. Brown pigmentation according to the standard, because I am chocolate colored. My teeth and bite is perfect. I love run with my dog friends. I am a very friendly and playful. I am the third havanese male of my owner.

I have a lot of good results. You can see the Results: view
My medical examinations also see the examination's chapter: view
My pedigree, please, see the pedigree chapter: view
You can also see images of me in the pictures chapter: view

My little secret, I would like share with you:
I like to run around in the garden, I like to trips and I love to jump.
Only I run, and if in front of me a dog companion, and I have been jump over.
When I see my owner, I run towards him, and jump big one.
I run towards a bush, I jump it. .....
I am a cheerful funny little boy.
This is my little secret.

Results, Prairiwind's Brandy Boy, Chocolate havanese male

October 10. 2015. Breeding Certificate,
Result: Breeding Quality, Judge: Erika Homonnai

Examination, Prairiwind's Brandy Boy, Chocolate havanese male

Patellar Luxation Certificate:

Thigh muscles: Well muscled,
Patella: Not luxatable,
A tuberositas tibiae: In midline,
With regard to patellar luxatioin,
the dog is classified as: Grade 0, (free)

Szent István Egyetem Állatorvos Tudományi Kar
Kisállat Ortopédiai Egyesület
August 03. 2015. Dr. Ipolyi Tamás (vet)
Veterinary Certificate
Of Eye Examination:

Microphtalmus: Free
Trichiasis: Free
Distichiasis: Free
Entropion: Free
Ectropion: Free
Atresia of Lacrimal Punctas: Free
Keratocoinjuncivitis Sicca: Free

Szent István Egyetem
Állatorvos Tudományi Kar
Glaucoma: Free
Persist. Pupillary Membrane: Free
Cataract: Free
Persistent Hyperplastic: Free
PrimaryVitreous: Free
Collie Eye Anomalis CEA: Free
Progressive Retina Atrophy PRA: Free
Retinal Dysplasia: Free
STT: OD22 OS21
Tension: OD22 OS22

September 21. 2015.
Dr. Szentgáli Zsolt
(Veterinary Ophtalmologist)

Pedigree, Prairiwind's Brandy Boy, Chocolate havanese male

1. Male
Prairiwind's Lionheart
3. CH Carousel's Caramel Macchiato 7. Los Ositos Daraluz El Mateo
8. Carousel's Dream Catcher
4. CH Prairiwind's Viva La Liberte 9. CH Prairiwind's Ruff N Ready
10. Los Perritos Shelley's Margarita
2. Female
CH Prairiwind's Hershe Kisses
5. Alderon's Mardi Gras 11. Alderon's Rajani
12. Alderon's Bijaka
6. Prairiwind's Mi Dulce Caramelo 13. CH Carousel's Caramel Macchiato
14. CH Prairiwind's Sweet Divinity

Pictures, Prairiwind's Brandy Boy, Chocolate havanese male


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